a brand of creative carpets made according to resolutely innovative methods by Kilims Ada

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New innovative techniques have allowed us to produce standardized rugs in viscose and polyester that look and feel like the best handmade silk rugs. Even a practiced eye needs to look twice to see the difference. The models of our collections are rapidly available with a short lead-time (6 weeks). For existing designs, there is no minimum order. However for custom made designs, an order needs to be of a minimum of 600m² per model (mixed sizes possible). This collection is made up of two different qualities.
- Oxalis & Oxalis Overdye
- Composition: 50% viscose & 50% acrylic
- number of knots per cm²: 100 (the same quality as Hereke rugs, the finest in the world)
- Hand-made aspect (the back of the rug looks like a hand-made rug)
- Delivery delay: 6 weeks
- No minimum quantity required ( minimum 400m² for orders from Oxalis Overdye)
- 8 colours available
- Sizes: 120x80 - 230x160 - 290x200 - 400x300
- Astarté & Astarté Overdye
- Composition: 73% viscose & 23% polyester
- number of knots per cm²: 48
- Delivery delay: 6 weeks
- No minimum quantity required (minimum 400m² for orders from Astarté Overdye)
- 8 colours available
- Sizes: 120x80 - 230x160 - 290x200 - 400x300


We have also developed a technique that allows for digital printing of rug designs on a backing made of recycled cotton and polyester in thousands of shades of colours. The illusion in perfect and gives the rugs a natural look. Well and above the extremely reasonable prices, this technique allows to showcase the designer’s talent and for the creation of exclusive collections. We don’t require minimum quantities but we offer declining prices according to the volume. Production delay is from 8 to 10 weeks from the date of the order.
This collection has 5 styles:
Classic range (models : antique rugs)
Vintage (models : over dyed and sheared rugs)
Matter (models : hemp, rag rugs, cotton, raw wool…)
Actual (models : modern Creations)
Berber (models : rugs of the Atlas Mountains)
- Composition: recycled cotton & polyester.
- Varying qualities of the base
- Machine washable in cold water
- Fireproof
- Delivery delay: 8 to 10 weeks.
- No minimum quantity required
- Tested colour fastness
- Sizes: 53/80, 63/90, 70/115, 80/150, 95/150, 115/180, 130/190,152/220, 160/230, 190/290, 230/330, and 255/355


We also have viscose on cotton hand tufted rugs. You can create your own custom made design with a tufted colour chart.
- The knots are 100% viscose.
- The base is 100% cotton.
- Only available on order
- Custom made sizes

In a nutshell, our strong points are: Quality (washable rugs with tested colour fastness) - short delivery delays-great versatility in production- Community-cleared goods in Europe as our distribution is handled by the French brand Kilims ADA, our partner since 1985.